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CEP Periodical
 Consciousness and Experience: The CEP Newsletter
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Consciousness and Experience: The CEP Newsletter


"Consciousness and Experience" is the bi-annual CEP newsletter. Publishing dates are February and July. We also have an active online presence on both twitter and facebook.

We invite theoretical and empirical papers, reviews, research reports, comment and news on Consciousness Studies and Experiential Psychology, for example:

Consciousness studies

Conceptual and methodological issues, reconceptualisation of consciousness, biological bases of consciousness, conscious and unconscious processes, evolution of consciousness, evaluation of phenomenological accounts

Phenomenological psychology

Subjective experience, self-exploration, creativity, intuition, flow, peak experience, exceptional experience, altered states

Positive psychology

Psychology of well-being, practical psychology of living, developing wisdom, joy, psychological health, personal development, change processes, transformational psychology, evaluation of spiritual practise

Cultural and ecological perspectives

Psychology of belief and value systems, philosophies of life and their psychological consequences, role of myth, morals, aesthetics, indigenous psychologies, changing values, cross-cultural perspectives, ecopsychology.

In addition to articles and reports, we welcome book reviews, conference reports, letters, notice and events.


Please forward articles (maximum 6000 words), books for review, conference reports etc to

Articles are refereed

References should be listed alphabetically by author's surname as follows:

Henry, J (2001) Creativity and Perception, London, Sage
Valentine, E (1999) The possibilty of a science of experience, British Journal of Psychology, 25, 4, 10-16.

If included, please use endnotes not footnotes.


"Consciousness and Experience" is sent free to members of the British Psychological Society Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section.

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